Coin Bureau

 Guy Turner, host of the popular YouTube channel Coin Bureau, says he expects the downtrend in crypto and Bitcoin to continue into 2023. Explaining during a discussion on Digital Asset News, analyst Guy Turner says he watches traditional markets because of its correlation with crypto. He explains: “There is a lot to be aware of. In particular, the effects of the Fed's decisions and decisions should be closely monitored. If he switches to a policy of quantitative easing, it will be a sign that something has gone seriously wrong. I also watch the home market and the stock market. Because we clearly see that there is a correlation between stocks and crypto.” Due to his pessimistic forecasts for stocks and the real estate market, analyst Turner expects further declines in crypto and Bitcoin prices. According to him, the stock market will experience a new decline. Crypto will also make a new bottom accordingly. He emphasizes that there is such an expectation among investors and traders.